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Office Cleaning

We at High Standard Cleaning Services have been cleaning offices since 1990. Over the years our cleaning teams have been working within big and small companies. 

One of the big projects we worked on was Orwell Tunnelling project here in Ipswich where we cleaned all the offices and washrooms ,restroom ,canteen.

When your company pay for a contact cleaning company you want to get the very best service, after all you are paying for it.. We at High Standard Cleaning Services always do a great job and the cleaning is done to a high standard. We know that having a well cleaned office will give your customers and visitors a lasting impression. Your offices will always look clean and inviting and at the same time giving your staff a clean environment in which to work,

We have many satisfied clients from large and small companies. No matter how big or small the job is we at High Standard Cleaning Services are ready and waiting to get the job done.

We will clean your offices thoroughly and to a very high standard so when you return you will find your offices sparkling clean, which will leave a good impression for your staff and visitors. Why not give us a try and if we are given the job the first days clean is free.

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